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Top 5 reasons we use Bergamot Essential Oils

bergamot 1554302 960 720Here in the US we rarely hear about exotic fruits such as Bergamot. Personally, without the research that is so readily available, I would have completed my life without ever using this miraculous plant. Thanks to the incredible research provided on the subject, we have included Bergamot oil with great success.

Bergamot is a spicy scented citrus fruit that grows primarily in Italy originally from Turkey. The fruit is believed to be a derivative of a cross between Seville orange and a pear lemon plants. Its medicinal properties have been exploited for centuries. Here I have listed the top 5 reasons we use Bergamot essential oils in our DMSO blends

It is noteworthy that there are hundreds of health benefits that this article does not cover.



Alleviating Depression

depressedA recent study published by the Karger Group has concluded that the components of bergamot oil, such as alpha-pinene and limonene, are antidepressant and stimulating in nature. The compounds aid in the stimulation of blood flow. By improving the circulation of the blood, they generate a feeling of freshness, joy, and energy in cases of sadness and depression. These particular aspects of Bergamot essential oil are of specific interest in combating S.A.D. disorder.

In 2017 a research paper was published by the Phototherapy Research journal, revealing that Bergamot essential oil has a hormonal impact. For that reason, Bergamot is powerful in these neurological and mental conditions. Specifically based on the research conducted for Season Affected Disorder.


Fever reduction

Acting as a febrifuge, bergamot essential oil, helps lower the body temperature, reducing fevers. As an antibiotic, it fights infections arising from viruses and bacteria. This includes viruses caused by influenza and malaria. This is also accomplished by stimulating gland secretion from the eccrine glands. Simply put, it helps you sweat out infections that cause fever. As an added benefit, this sweating cleans glands and pores of infectious toxins also helping to reduce fevers.

Reduces Pain

painBergamot research has shown to reduce pain in the human body. This research conducted by the Department of Pharmacology and by the University Centre for Adaptive Disorders and Headache, Section of Neuropharmacology of Normal and Pathological Neuronal Plasticity, University of Calabria, conclude that the use of Bergamot essential oils does indeed reduce pain. This is accomplished by stimulating hormones that actually reduce the nerve pain we feel. This makes Bergamot a most useful tool in the fight against headaches, sprains, muscle aches and tears. This allows the end user the opportunity to use a natural remedy to combat aches and pains without the use of harmful over the counter drugs.


Great for the skin

The main reason that bergamot is used in so many skin care products is that of the innate ability to keep skin youthful. Bergamot contains a chemical known as a cicatrizant, this chemical helps heal scars and other skin blemishes. This blemish removal is accomplished by leveling the pigmentation and melanin for a more uniform and attractive look to your skin. Bergamot is used specifically to reduce the scarring caused by acute acne.

Antibiotic / Disinfectant

antibioticCurrently, research has been led by the team at the Department of Drug Sciences and Products for Health, University of Messina, Italy. This research suggests that there are properties contained in Bergamot essential oils that are antibiotic and disinfectant in nature. Specifically referring to the substances of alpha-pinene and limonene. Their published paper on the subject in 2007 shows that the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and germs was greatly inhibited. This is especially useful for those that suffer from infections of the colon, intestines, urinary tracts, and kidneys.

As you can see by the above article, Bergamot is an essential component of our newest product Elevate. Combining DMSO with the Bergamot oil can reduce depression, pain, and infections, while it elevates a positive outlook to your holiday season.


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