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What is S.A.D.?

DepressionHere it is Fall and the Holidays are closing fast. Family and friends will soon be gathered together, opening gifts and spending time together. You may even pick up a few pounds over the next few months. The days are getting colder and shorter, the nights get even colder and longer…who wouldn’t love to see the sun once again?

This particular time of year is very difficult for many of us, myself included. All my life I have been hearing folks say things like, “there is a cloud hanging over my head….” and “I am so tired…” Believe it or not, there is a majority of individuals who do not feel this way. If that’s you, congratulations, this article excludes your group.

For the rest of us who suffer…..

I used to chalk it up to being a “human-bear” and was just ready to hibernate for the winter. Some even sing about having the “Winter Blues”. Actually, this is a real Phenomenon, a medical disorder. It is called S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

SAD has been recognized and included in the diagnostic classification system of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, as a major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern, and many clinicians are familiar with the symptoms.

According to US statistical information, over 19 million people suffer from this debilitating disorder. Of those 19 million, over 4 times as many women suffer than men. Unfortunately, the prime suspects are women between 25 and 60 years of age. Clearly, there are incredible but limited options for treatment. Some common treatments require anti-depressant drugs such as Zoloft and Prozac. Though they may help, the side effects are more serious than the disorder itself.

Cause and Effect

man sad smallWhat causes S.A.D to begin with?

Let’s take a look at the physiology behind the S.A.D. disorder. First of all your biological clock (circadian rhythm) changes. The reduced level of sunlight in fall and winter are primarily the cause for winter-onset SAD. Decreasing the amount of sunlight in your life, may disrupt your body's internal clock and lead to feelings of depression. In turn, weight gain and feeling tired all the time.

Notably, your Serotonin levels change dramatically. As your body drops in serotonin, your brain chemistry changes. This brain chemical (neurotransmitter) affects moods specifically. Reduced sunlight causes a drop in serotonin that triggers depression. Again, tired all the time, withdrawn from family and friends and of course, weight gain.

How about your melatonin levels? The change in seasons, i.e. Cold Long nights, short days, can disrupt the balance of the body's level of melatonin, which plays a role in sleep patterns and mood. Which in turn can lead to an onset of Depression? You get the point.

May I offer a substitute for dangerous drugs as a therapy choice for S.A.D.? Possibly even an all-natural, certified organic solution? Essential oils have been proven to be highly effective in combating mood and anxiety disorders. Such as the likes of Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Lemon. Combining these essential oils separately with Pharma grade DMSO can create a powerful anti-S.A.D. product.

For this very purpose, we have formulated 3 distinct products sold under one umbrella...ELEVATE.

Lemon: Here are the top ten reasons we use Lemon Essential Oil

Bergamot: Top reasons we use Bergamot essential oil

Sweet Orange: The main reasons we started using Sweet Orange essential oils

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