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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-based compound. Found as a chemical in Humans, Plants and in Animals.
MSM is primarily used to treat Arthritis, Muscle cramps, Osteoarthritis and Bursitis, to name a few.  MSM has the innate ability to reduce inflammation in joints and tissue. Generally, it is taken orally with amazing results. Often rubbed into the skin for a more localized relief. 
We have taken MSM one step further, by compounding MSM with DMSO we have created MSM15 and MSM30. Both formulations are receiving rave reviews from its users. Originally formulated from Dr. Jacobs gel, we have perfected the delivery system for MSM.
MSM15 is 15% MSM in the base of your choosing.
MSM30 is 30% MSM in the base of your choosing.
Containing only 4 ingredients, we have managed to keep it simple and make it effective.
Ingredient 1) 
    MSM produced here in the northwest through a distillation process that is tightly controlled. There are no heavy metals, particulates of any kind and guaranteed to be 99.9% pure. We use this MSM daily in our home, I personally attest to its purity.  
Ingredient 2)   
    DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is our own Pharma Grade DMSO and is USP certified to be 99.995% pure. 
 Ingredient 3)
    **** Depending on the product you choose is either.
  1.  100% certified organic Aloe Vera Gel, produced in Arizona
  2.  Lotion based with 97% certified organic based materials (3% plant-based thickeners)
  3. Cream based on 100% organic oils and emollients.
Ingredient 4) 
    De-Ionized water from the good old state of Idaho.
Together the combination will make pain a thing of the past all the while being natural with no preservatives or fillers.

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